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Listen to the WoW Insider Show live this afternoon

Mike Schramm

Our podcast returns to the virtual airwaves this afternoon and if you were watching our Twitter feed this week, you'd know the big news: Christian Belt has decided to come and join us. Not that we're not fans of all of our bloggers, but he's been one of the most requested voices on the show for a while, and he's finally decided to make the jump and meet all of you through the magic of Ustream. Better not disappoint him!

And that's not all -- Chase Christian will be on (that's right, twice the Christian on the 'cast) with Turpster and I, and we'll be talking of course about Blizzard's jump into selling fake items for real money, "Icecrown Radiance" and what it means, and all the fun stuff we've been seeing come out of the PTR. And as usual, we'll chat live with everybody in the chatroom, as well as answer your questions via email -- I see already that we've been getting lots and lots of pictures of where people are listening in, so we'll be talking about those and you'll see them in the gallery next week as well. Should be a great time -- come and join us on Ustream or right after the break on this post when the show kicks off at 3:30pm Eastern this afternoon.

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