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Yamaha intros more affordable Tenori-On 'Orange'

Darren Murph

It's been well over a year since we published our take on Yamaha's perplexing, beautiful and all-around intriguing Tenori-On concept, and evidently the masses have spoken out. This week, the company announced that it will soon be shipping a "more affordable" version with the name Tenori-On 'Orange,' with some vendors already leaking a £649 ($1,077) MSRP. Put simply, the new Orange version will retain all of the musical functionality that the original had (or has, as it were), but the magnesium casing will be replaced by a rugged plastic one and the battery / back panel LED options will also be removed in order to shave costs. Still, we're all for peeling back on the flash in order to get more music makers into more hands, so we'll certainly look to wrap our own paws around one when it starts shipping in December.

Update: Engadget Japanese just did a quick hands-on with the Orange, check it out!

[Via MusicRadar]

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