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CEA checking out 3D@Home Consortium's requirements for interfaces, glasses technology


Getting out well in front of the 3D standardization trend appears to be working out for the 3D@Home Consortium and its assorted backers --including Samsung, Disney, Philips and others -- as it has just submitted to the CEA a list of the various products and technologies involved in 3D. Between active shutter and passive glasses solutions we have long lost track of who is doing exactly what in the 3D space, but it appears this group has stayed on top of it, developing a database of the different glasses technologies and working with the CEA to help create a standard that it hopes will resolve any possible compatibility issues before they become a problem. We just want to know which sticker or logo we should be checking for on the side of the box that indicates our future purchases won't be incompatible or obsolete before their time, is that really so hard?

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