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PEGI: Moonwalker throwing a magical hat into Virtual Console


Somehow, Sega has done the impossible: reacquired Michael Jackson's likeness rights for a digital re-release of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. At least, that appears to be the case, because the game has been re-rated by PEGI for release on Virtual Console. To give you an idea of the ridiculousness of that feat, Q? Entertainment has yet to release its PSP game Lumines for download on the same system because it has yet to acquire a license for digital release of its music.

We don't know if this will be the Genesis version or the very different arcade game -- or even, we suppose, the Master System port of the Genesis game. We're contacting Sega for those and other details. Right after we catch a shooting star and turn into robotic, missile-firing versions of ourselves. Ow!

[Via Nintendo Life, image by Orioto]

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