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WoW Moviewatch: WoW Night featuring Wick & Sharm


WoW Night featuring WIck and Sharm
is a new music video from Yumfries. (Whenever I see that name, I always think "Yummm, fries!" I'm not sure if that's the point of the name, though, so I always feel guilty for it.)

This isn't really my kind of music, so I feel unable to adequately review that aspect. I will point out that Sharm (also known as TaintedLore) has always been fantastic in previous performances, so I have to assume the music crew knew what they were doing. This is, of course, another team-up featuring Wick, whom I feel we're starting to get to know as a performer.

The video itself, however, is absolutely astounding. It has a lot of the same composite layering of images and action that we've seen before from Yumfries, but I continue to be fascinated by how the machinimist's skills have grown. Even if the music weren't entertaining, I could be satisfied to turn the audio off and simply watch the complex action happen. The amount of work and inspiration Yumfries puts into these videos really make them works of art, and I always look forward to each new piece.

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