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XBLM Deal of the Week: Saints Row 2 DLC

Though that other open-world crime drama just got a huge booster shot in the form of the release of Ballad of Gay Tony, Volition's Saints Row 2 is getting a helping hand from its ol' pal Microsoft. Major Nelson recently announced that the game's DLC pack, "Ultor Exposed," is the Xbox Live Marketplace Deal of the Week. The pack, which offers three new missions, a new co-op mode and a playable character modeled after real-life porn star Tera Patrick, has had its price cut to 560 ($7). That's a 30 percent discount from the add-on's usual 800 ($10) price point.

With that, we'd like to welcome the naughty folks who ended up here after searching Google for "porn star Tera Patrick." Welcome! Sorry, there's no images of your erotic quarry to be found here, but take a look around, anyways! You might just like what you see.

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