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Ignition and Marvelous have a Deadly Premonition


Ignition Entertainment, partnering with recent publisher BFF Marvelous Entertainment, has announced a new survival horror game for Xbox 360 called Deadly Premonition. The game is the second original work from Access Games, who created the PS2 stealth game Spy Fiction, and also codeveloped The Sky Crawlers and Ace Combat X.

The game stars an FBI agent investigating a murder in Silent Hill a rural town full of unexplained events, mysterious characters, and, apparently, dripping blood. It will feature exploration and driving in addition to fighting creepy Jawas. Ignition predicts an early 2010 release.

If this game looks familiar to you, you have a really good memory! It was announced back in 2007 as Rainy Woods, and was a multiplatform release at the time. It's now been renamed and targeted just at the 360.

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