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R-Type to shoot 'em up on iPhone


DotEmu, the developer responsible for the random iPhone port of the Zelda-esque Golvellius, is porting a much more recognizable game to the platform for its next release: IREM's epochal shmup, R-Type. CEO Xavier Liard told Touch Arcade, "We are very pleased to work on R-Type and to start our collaboration with Irem Software Engineering Inc." DotEmu didn't announce which of the many versions of R-Type will be the basis of the port.

Having IREM involved seems like a good sign and, while the touch interface is not ideal for shooting games, Space Invaders Infinity Gene proved that it can work, at least better than it does for platforming or run & gun games. Of course, R-Type is really, really difficult, and the iPhone's controls aren't going to make destroying the Bydo Empire any easier.

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