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Blizzard Twitter contest winners still await prizes [Updated]

Zach Yonzon

Followers of the official Warcraft Twitter will recall that Blizzard ran a contest some months back using the #Battlecry hashtag, encouraging players to tweet a message for either the Alliance or the Horde depending on the background of their Twitter page. It was a pretty cool promotion and was a great social media activity for fans, who proudly showed their World of Warcraft allegiances throughout the contest period.

An interesting post came up on Pixelated Geek the other day, however, wondering about the results of that contest and if Blizzard had ever gotten around to giving prizes to winners. Or if they'd ever gotten around to contacting the winners at all. The writer notes that he himself was a winner, having received a tweet from @Warcraft requesting for further details, an e-mail he promptly responded to. He then notes sending several more e-mails to the noted address as well as to customer service but has not yet gotten a single reply to date, nearly two and a half months after the contest ended on August 24.

The author also notes several other Twitter users who were asking the same question -- as it turns out, more than a few #Battlecry winners also hadn't received prizes nor responses from Blizzard. One follower asked, "any news for the winners of #battlecry? I haven't heard or received anything yet," while another mused, "Wondering when I will receive my prize from the #Battlecry contest." Still another asked, "has anyone got their Battlecry prize yet? I haven't received anything" just last November 6. One reader even wrote us at the end of October confirming the same thing, that he had won but had not received any word from Blizzard, much less a prize.

Update: We have received word from one of the winners that Blizzard sent them an email confirming their prize will be sent soon.

It's a curious situation made even more curious by the inconvenient fact that Blizzard's own page about the contest is down (as shown in the picture above... although the Twitter bird might not actually be involved). Nobody seems to know the answer at this point, and Blizzard has been somewhat mum on the matter. Although Pixelated Geek's article questioned the contest as a possible farce, it might also just be one of those things lost in Blizzard's bureaucracy. Until Blizzard releases a statement about the matter, we won't know for sure, although it must admittedly be frustrating for those winners left hanging in the air. Stay tuned to as we try to get to the bottom of things.

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