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Don't miss this video of Martin Scorsese gushing over Blu-ray at Blu-Con

Ben Drawbaugh

Have you always wanted to go to Blu-con but never made it? Us either, but our friends at HD Nation did and shot some great HD footage which includes some interesting tidbits about transferring movies to Blu-ray. The highlight is listening to Martin Scorsese talk excitedly about transferring classics to Blu-ray, where he discusses things like the factors that influence him to modify audio and video. A great example is where he talks about upgrading the mono audio from Taxi Driver by going back to the original stereo score and mono dialog and remastering for the first time ever. So if you always wondered why some get so excited about seeing classics on Blu-ray, or you just can't get enough Blu-ray, don't hesitate to check it out.

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