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Rumor: Project Natal launch details leaked


MCV reports that Microsoft has been showing Project Natal off to UK publishers this week, and filling them in on the launch plan. According to the site's unnamed sources, Microsoft plans to release the peripheral in November 2010, at a sub-£50 ($84) price point that could go as low as £30 ($50) when sold by itself. That price happens to match the price predicted by Michael Pachter last month.

MCV's sources say that Microsoft will have 5 million cameras ready for launch, with a "great launch line-up" of 14 games. While a November launch of a major video game item seems plausible even in a year overloaded with spring releases, this information remains unverified and, therefore, suspect. And we're tempted to say that the price is too good to be true. If it does turn out to be $50, our expression of delight may be the first thing the fancy camera sees.

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