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The daily roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Microsoft group manager: Windows 7 borrowing 'Mac look and feel'
Of course, he followed that up by slamming OS X's general stability, noting that Vista's core technology -- on which Win7 is built -- is "far more stable than the current Mac platform."
Zune HD 3D games video hands-on
That Tegra chip is no joke -- the graphics in PGR: Ferrari Edition are easily on par with the PSP, maybe better.
(See also: Zune HD Marketplace now loaded with free 3D games)
Blockbuster kiosks to offer movies on SD cards, you some candy as you checkout
The included DRM only allows customers 30 days from the purchase date to view it, and once it's fired up, you've just 48 hours before it vanishes completely.
Other news of import

Don't miss this video of Martin Scorsese gushing over Blu-ray at Blu-Con
Just don't, okay?
Google Navigation hacked onto T-Mobile G1
Anecdotal reports suggest that it's working great.

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