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Fujitsu's splitting F-04B cellphone gets tested, found to contain no Energon cubes

Tim Stevens

Sometimes you want a phone with a physical keyboard. Sometimes you want one that fits in the back pocket of your skinny jeans. And sometimes, when you're feeling really crazy, you want one with a pico projector. Impossible dream? Not if you're Fujitsu, who have made official the bizarre splitting F-04B first showed as a prototype last year, and AkihabaraNews has managed a hands-on. Both the touchscreen and keyboard portions operate independently and connect via Bluetooth, as does the 854 x 480 projector that can clip on in place of the keyboard. Overall impressions are good, the phone said to be a bit too bulky with the keyboard attached but quite fit with just the screen, and though that LCD didn't get high marks for responsiveness, the 12.2 megapixel camera did. If you're looking for price or release info you're out of luck, but we'd advise against getting any hopes up. We know, it's hard.

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