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Game Arts localizing Shadow Walker as 'The Magic Obelisk'


We didn't have to wait long after the Japanese release of Shadow Walker to hear news of a localized version. Game Arts opened a site for The Magic Obelisk, as the puzzle adventure will be known, though it bears a 'TBA' release date.

Two trailers have been translated to English (and are available after the break), making the shadow path creation gameplay even easier to understand -- and explaining the story, kind of: "Experiencing meaningful encounters and partings ... a pair of spirits travel through the world to find the meaning of existence." Sounds ... deep, for a game about a little boy and a fairy pushing rocks around.

The game's info page makes it a bit more concrete: Lukus is a tree spirit who wants to find the perfect place to become a tree "to find to help somebody in the world," and a light spirit named Popo travels with him. Now that sounds more like a video game premise.

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