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Madden NFL Arcade rushes towards early Thanksgiving release


EA has pushed up the release of its upcoming Madden NFL Arcade downloadable game, just in time for when you're lounging around in a tryptophan-included daze. Like NHL Arcade 3 on 3 before it, PS3 owners will get early access to the game: it'll be available Tuesday November 24th on PlayStation Network and Wednesday, November 25th on Xbox LIVE Arcade for $14.99 and 1200, respectively.

Unlike its retail counterpart, NFL Arcade doesn't attempt to recreate the sport with any level of "realism." The field is much smaller and players will have to get touchdowns within four tries (no way to get a first down). The various power-ups, coupled with the smaller field, will make for much faster games and much higher scores. Its also likely to become one of the best-selling downloadable games ever, and from what we hear, EA really could use the cash.

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