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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories debuts on Wii Dec. 8


It looks like GameStop got it right, as IGN reports that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories will arrive on the Wii on December 8. The PS2 and PSP versions have yet to be given solid release dates, with Konami promising to reveal further information at a later time. Given the Wii version's proximity to the holiday shopping season, it sounds like PSP and PS2 players can consider their sanity safe until 2010 -- though not long after, considering our experience with the PSP version at Tokyo Game Show.

Wii owners, on the other hand, should start preparing now by stocking up on flashlights, blankets and plenty of batteries. Just remember, so long as you're completely covered they can't get you. Braver readers might consider perusing some of our terrifying Shattered Memories preview coverage.

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