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BlizzCon 2010: Las Vegas Convention Center retracts statements


Update: It's looking like Anaheim again.

For the past day has been hard at work getting the story straight on the discrepancies between what the Las Vegas Convention Center was saying about BlizzCon 2010, and what Blizzard was saying. Until recently, the LVCC had been telling us, and others, who inquired that BlizzCon 2010 was being held there July 30th and 31st. Blizzard was, more or less, denying it. Given both organizations are quite large and reputable, this was quite a confusing situation.

However as of this afternoon, the Las Vegas Convention Center emailed us to let us know that due to their human error, the confirmation they were giving was false.

According to the LVCC, Blizzard and the LVCC had spoken once about having BlizzCon 2010 in Las Vegas, and a hold was placed on those dates as a marketing tactic to entice Blizzard to the area. However, that hold was inadvertently turned into a confirmed booking, leading to the inaccurate confirmations and resulting issues.

The LVCC has apologized for the confusion, and thus ends the saga of BlizzCon in Las Vegas.

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