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BrailleNote Apex claims to be the thinnest, lightest notetaker for the blind


We don't know what it's like to be blind, but we often suffer from acute blogger's eye fatigue and would love nothing more to pound out our ramblings in a no-look manner -- if only we could read them back afterward without letting all those ultra-harsh light particles and / or waves back into our brains. Well, a Braille display and Braille keyboard obviously solves that problem, and the BrailleNote Apex from HumanWare is purportedly the thinnest and lightest notetaker for the blind yet. It runs Windows CE 6, with a decent variety of accessible software, and is targeted at serious students and professionals, with 8GB of built-in flash storage, an SD card slot, WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and a trio of USB ports. No word on a price or release date, but it sounds pretty kitted out, and these things typically don't come cheap.

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