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Funny or Die unlocks 'Spielberg' level in Call of Duty


If there's one thing we don't get to talk about enough here on our vidya game blog, it's film legend Tom Hanks. The man just has a presence about him, one that adds an indefinable trait to anything he breathes on. Luckily, the restraining order he filed against us doesn't extend to the realm of typed-out words on the internet, so when we saw this Funny or Die (NSFW) video that combines a bit of Call of Duty with that gruesome Normandy Invasion scene from Saving Private Ryan, we just knew we had to post it up.

You can check it out past the break, but be warned: Aside from seeing all that gore, you'll hear the cackles of foul-mouthed Brits. Small price to pay for one of the funniest things you'll see, if you ask us.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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