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Kivu's G-Five KTNO2 netbook sports ridiculous 'aerodynamic' design, could be the wind beneath your wings

Tim Stevens

There are a lot of improvements we here at Engadget like to see in netbooks -- more SSD storage, higher-resolution screens, less flimsy construction -- but not a one of us put "greater aerodynamic lift" anywhere on our list. Someone at Kivu Technology Co. apparently did, as the company has launched this G-Five KTNO2 netbook, a machine that is at the same time boringly derivative and patently ludicrous. It was modeled after an aircraft's wing and, while it looks sophisticated enough with that titanium hue, you'll have a hard time taking it seriously after seeing the graphic after the break comparing it to a bird's wing. Specs? Everything you'd expect in an otherwise copycat 10-inch netbook, from the 1.6GHz Atom processor to the 160GB HDD. Fly away, little netbook, fly away.

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