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The daily roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Palm Pixi review
Can the Pixi find a place in the smartphone race, or does it do too little to distance itself from the pack?
Xbox LIVE gets 1080p Zune Video store, Twitter, Facebook and more on November 17th
Get ready folks, just five days!
AT&T adds Verizon's Island of Misfit Toys holiday ads to lawsuit, demands they be yanked off the air
The spotted elephant, in a surprised manner, asks the iPhone "What are you doing here? You can download apps and browse the web!" and a Dolly for Sue asserts that "Yeah. People will love you [the iPhone]."

Other news of import

Comcast TV Everywhere launch details: December, free for existing subs, really goes anywhere
Yes, this does still count against the 250GB monthly cap if used at home and still no word on HD streaming.
BlackBerry Storm2 hands-on and impressions
Waterloo is clearly woefully unequipped to handle the creation of exceptional, effortless usability that's demanded of a lustworthy mobile device these days.

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