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BioWare considers storytelling challenge of multiplayer experiences


Outside of the MMO genre, solitary experiences are de rigueur for role-playing games, most of all those emerging from the venerable story specialists at BioWare. Speaking to, BioWare CEO and co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka offered some insights into the company's considerations for co-op multiplayer gaming. "We haven't announced anything on that front yet, but those are interesting ideas," Muzyka explained. "They could make a great gameplay experience. Whether we'll do them or not remains to be decided."

Among the things to be decided is how best to incorporate your party of friends with, well, your party of in-game friends. "It's hard to weave a great single-player storyline into a multiplayer experience," Muzyka said. "It's not impossible." The good doctor insists that it's been done and points to the developer's anticipated Star Wars MMO as proof. "We've done it, and we're doing it again now in Star Wars: The Old Republic. But it is challenging."

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