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ESA survey says video games still topping holiday wishlists


Despite outrageous day one sales projections for Modern Warfare 2 and the impending release of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, The ESA was still left wondering whether or not folks are still interested in giving and receiving video games over this holiday season. So the game industry's lobbying group conducted a survey, which found that "42 percent of American adults plan to give or hope to receive a computer or video game this holiday season." Furthermore, another 52 percent think of games as a cost-effective form of entertainment for the whole family.

Perhaps the most notable result of the survey was a 31 percent increase from 2007 (to 47 percent) for respondents intending on gifting a woman with a game. We're betting that at least 50 percent of the women receiving a game as a gift would prefer either a different gift or a more thoughtful partner.

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