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Sony announces firmware 3.10 for PS3 with Facebook integration, coming 'soon'


Sony has revealed via the official PlayStation blog that PS3 firmware 3.10, due "soon," will allow the console to communicate with social media site Facebook. The news comes on the eve of Microsoft's latest Xbox 360 Dashboard update roll-out -- which, among other features, introduces Facebook functionality to that platform.

Once firmware 3.10 is installed, the PS3 will be able to send updates to a user's Facebook wall indicating which Trophies they've just unlocked in games and what they've recently purchased from the PSN's PlayStation Store. Developers will have the ability to access Facebook functionality to send more detailed updates to the site from their games, and these options can (as was the case with Trophies) be patched into titles currently on shelves.

As foreshadowed by screenshots leaked last week, firmware 3.10 brings with it a handful of other user interface tweaks -- demoed by PlayStation Network director of operations, Eric Lempel, in a video after the break -- but, alas, still no cross-game voice chat. At least the friends list is ditching the ugliness introduced with firmware 3.00.

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