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Ainol's V9000HDX 'Megatron' PMP looks lovely, does 1080p, freezes its enemies in blocks of ice

Tim Stevens

Ainol's V6000 series had great specs, but sadly rocked a GPS-worthy aesthetic. The V8000 players went for something a little more stylish, but also a lot more vanilla. Now we're up to the V9000 series and we finally have a look that's sophisticated and distinctive -- and a little creepy with that "please help I'm frozen over here" wallpaper. It's displayed on a 4.8-inch, 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen, though the device is capable of rendering 1080p video out its HDMI port for display onto something a little bigger. The UI seems a little busy but very functional, and with 16GB of storage, an FM tuner, and a 2450mAh battery it should keep you entertained even on the longest of commutes. Price and availability here in the States was not mentioned, but you weren't really expecting it would be, were ya?

Update: We got a comment from voodoo indicating that this is now believed to be a fake. While we're not entirely sure who to believe at this point with conflicting information on a variety of forums, given that Ainol has still not posted any confirmation of this device on its site it's not looking particularly good. If it is a fake we're hoping the company pulls out all the stops to identify the perpetrators -- and then hires them.

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