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Ex-Visceral Games staff find new home with Activision's 'Sledgehammer Games'


It's official: Visceral Games staffers Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey (best known for Dead Space) have taken positions at a new Activision studio in Foster City, California, called Sledgehammer Games. This tidily clears up two rumors we've been hearing. Yes, Schofield and Condrey went to Activision. Yes, the trademark for "Sledgehammer Games" is for their new studio!

As for the small matter of what the studio is doing ... all Activision says is that it's an "as-yet-unannounced new videogame." It might be called Bloodhunt. It might be an "innovative" action game. Kotaku posits that it might even be Activision's new James Bond game, given that Schofield worked on From Russia with Love back at EA. Whatever it is, we're sure it will be totally visceral ... you know, like a hit from a sledgehammer.

As a service to those of you thinking about it anyway (i.e. all of us), we've got the Peter Gabriel video after the break.

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