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Free Xbox Live Gold promotions incoming


In celebration of the latest Dashboard Update, which introduced Twitter, Facebook and a number of other new features to the Xbox 360, Microsoft is hosting free Xbox Live Gold promotions through next week. Starting November 20 at 12:00pm ET and running until 12:00pm ET November 23, Xbox Live Gold will be free for all Silver members except those in Europe. Don't feel left out, European Silver members, as you'll be getting free Xbox Live Gold starting at 17:00 GMT, November 25, until 17:00 GMT, November 30.

During the free period, all Silver Live members will have access to the new features as well as Halo Waypoint, 1 vs 100, Netflix, Sky Player and, of course, online multiplayer. Keep in mind that not all features -- Sky Player, for example -- are available in all regions.

Now, to be serious for a moment, Twitter is neat and all, but the Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops mode is where it's at. Be sure to use your free Xbox Live wisely.

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