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'Ridge Racer Accelerated' trademark filed


You weren't there, man! You don't know what it was like. Pity is not an emotion one should ever feel for a man whose salary dwarfs the combined income of your entire staff, but there we were, dying inside for Kaz Hirai presenting Ridge Racer at E3 2006. The mere memory of that still causes those who were in the audience to sympathize for the executive, the way one would for a dog unable to use its hind legs and instead relying on a wheelie contraption.

With all that said, Siliconera has found a Namco Bandai trademark application for Ridge Racer Accelerated. We don't know if enough time has gone by for us not to desperately exclaim "Riiiiidge Racer!" every time we hear the title, but perhaps enough time has gone by for the corporations to think we won't.

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