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Choose my Adventure: Doing you a Favor

Shawn Schuster

In this week's Dungeons and Dragons Online adventures, the Critical Mass guild came across a bit of a challenge, and not in the game. With last week's vote guiding our hero to spend his hard-earned Turbine Points on an adventure pack, not everyone in the group had those same points to spend. So we spent our playing time gaining favor, which can be turned into Turbine Points.

In lieu of an in-character story this week, I'm going to spend some time explaining Favor and the DDO store for anyone who is curious about how this all works. I'll also explain our next poll, as I'd like you to vote on the specific Adventure Pack in which our hard-earned points will be spent. Follow along after the jump for more!

Favor in DDO can be defined as many things. It's a method of reputation among the different factions in Stormreach. It's a reward system used to gain bigger and better in-game rewards. It's a way to earn points that can used to unlock items in the DDO store. For the sake of this article, we'll focus on how the favor points can be used to supplement your free-to-play experience in DDO.

Essentially, the conversion rate is 25 Turbine Points for every 100 Favor you earn in the game. There are also one-time rewards earned by hitting certain tiers of Favor. This means that you can actually play the F2P content, earn favor by completing this content and convert that to Turbine Points which can be used to buy items in the DDO store that would otherwise cost real money.

Each time you earn those 100 favor points, the TP are mailed to your character and applied directly to your DDO Store account. Better yet, if you have tapped out all of the F2P content on one character, you can actually create new characters to help accumulate more favor/TP that pool into one account.

The typical quests in DDO offer Favor rewards between 2 and 12 (at my current level of five), depending on the difficulty mode. Be careful though, because you can't simply grind away at quests in Normal Mode to earn points. According to the DDO site, "Favor is only granted the first time you complete an adventure at a given difficulty setting. Repeating an adventure will not grant you additional favor unless you are completing the adventure on a new and higher difficulty level."

With all of this in mind, consider the fact that 420 TP are only $6.50 USD. You'll easily figure out that if you're repeating the quests for hours on end just for the sake of earning Favor and Turbine Points, it's not worth it. Quoting from RoBi3.0's excellent free-to-play guide on DDO, "Currently there are 79 free to play quests in game. These quests provide 920 favor. That is enough favor to unlock Server favor up to the 4th tier which = 150 TP. Do this on every server (7) and you get a total of 1050 TP. Now Free quests will also give enough to earn you 225 TP through per-character favor rewards. A f2p player gets 2 character slots on each server, if you do this on every server you will get 2700 TP. Combine that with the 1050 we totaled earlier and you get 3750 TP, from grinding 100% free content. You can then use those TP to purchase adventure packs which you can then grind to earn more points."

So now that we have that explained, it's time to decide exactly which Adventure Pack we're going to play through this week, according to your vote. The ones listed below are available to our level range, and current Turbine Points.

- Shan-to-Kor - 250 Turbine Points

Wayfinder Dael is seeking adventurers to help her recover the powerful Seal of Shan-to-Kor before the Cloven-jaw Hobgoblins divine its powers! Includes 4 hand-crafted adventures and the Steam Tunnels combat area, which has two separate objectives.

- The Catacombs - 250 Turbine Points

Friar Renau's niece, Marguerite, has disappeared inside the Catacombs. Many have disappeared along with her and so he and Archbishop Dryden are enlisting adventurers to find out why. Includes 8 hand-crafted dungeon adventures.

- Tangleroot Gorge - 550 Turbine Points

The Splinterskull fortress lies deep within the jungles of Tangleroot Gorge. Many treasures and dangers await those daring enough to explore the winding paths full of bugbears and hobgoblins. Includes 10 hand-crafted adventures and 30 wilderness area objectives!

- The Sharn Syndicate - 350 Turbine Points

The Coin Lords are concerned about increased gang activity in the Marketplace and are looking for brave souls to investigate. But will adventurers be able to foil the plans of the sinister Sharn Syndicate? Includes 6 hand-crafted adventures.

- Three-Barrel Cove - 650 Turbine Points
Explore the dangerous island of Three-Barrel Cove and discover the dark secrets hidden in this pirate paradise! Includes 9 hand-crafted adventures, a full-service tavern and 41 wilderness area objectives!

- The Necropolis, Part 1 - 250 Turbine Points
The Silver Flame and the Emerald Claw are seeking brave adventurers to face the evils within the Heart Tombs and the Bloody Crypt inside the Necropolis graveyard! Contains 5 hand-crafted adventures.

- Sorrowdusk Isle - 400 Turbine Points
The ogre Bruku, Elder of the Grey Moon Clan, seeks heroes to overcome the evils of Sorrowdusk Isle and follow the clues that lead to the Cult of the Six! Includes 10 hand-crafted adventures and 34 wilderness area objectives!%Poll-37084%

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