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Dracula -- Undead Awakening coming to PSP Minis next week [update]

iPhone-owning fans of twin stick shooters have probably gotten their hands on Chillingo's vampire-slaying app, iDracula. If you haven't gotten a chance to check out the title, you may want to wait for the developer's next, similarly vamp-based project: Dracula -- Undead Awakening, a PSP Mini that will land on the European PSN next Thursday, November 26.

Much like the company's previous title, Undead Awakening is a top-down shooter with unlockable weapons, abilities and perks, all of which presumably make you better at turning fangfaces into small clumps of Transylvanian ash. We've contacted the folks at Chillingo to find out if the game will also come stateside next week, how much the game will cost, and how exactly we're supposed to pronounce their company's name. (Chill-in-go? Chill-ing-o? Chillin'-jo?)

Update: A Chillingo representative responded to our query, telling us that the game would come to the U.S. PSN "ideally pre-Christmas," though they haven't settled on a price for the title quite yet. Also, he informed us that the company's name is phonetically pronounced "Chih-lingo." Now we know -- and knowing is half the battle!

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