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Funcom posts $9.6 million loss in Q3 2009

Following a round of layoffs, a delay for one of its most anticipated titles and continuing reports of the player decline of Age of Conan, we knew that Norwegian developer Funcom wasn't in the best shape. Earlier today, the company posted its Q3 financial results and confirmed our suspicions: The company's reporting a $9.6 million loss for the third quarter of this year. Compared to the company's $3.3 million profit from the same period last year, that's a pretty disheartening decline.

With an expansion for Age of Conan and the ever-intriguing The Secret World presumably due out next year, and (according to a September 30 finance report) $34.8 million in the bank, Funcom's far from down and out. However, until one of those titles hits store shelves, things are probably going to get considerably less fun for Funcom.

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