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Sell Darkfall to your friends, get paid and get more n00bs to shank


You ever wish that you could get paid for recommending games to your friends? Well, if you're a Darkfall fan with an active subscription, now you can with the Darkfall Community Publishing Program.

How does this new program work, you ask? Simple, my awkwardly insultingly named hardcore PvP friend! Go over to the Darkfall community forums (AKA, ForumFall), read the instructions, and sign up using the NA or EU server links. They'll give you a special link to the Darkfall store that will give you credit when a game is sold.

For each game client sold, you'll make 20% of the sale in commission. Right now, as the Darkfall box is still going for 50 dollars, so that means you'll get 10 dollars every time you sell a copy of Darkfall. High selling users will be offered better commission rates and may be invited to work with the Darkfall publishing team.

Is this anything new? Well, it is if you haven't seen EVE Online's affiliate program. However, it is certainly a smart use of the very passionate and eager Darkfall fan base.

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