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The Sims 3 World Adventures downloadable now, hitting retail this week

Is your Sim sick and tired of its usual routine of skipping work, improving its skills, making well-timed bathroom trips and attempting to WooHoo every single person in the neighborhood? Good news: The Sims 3's first (but certainly not last) expansion, World Adventures, is downloadable now for $39.99. If you're an oddly selective Luddite who plays video games but shuns the practice of downloading them, you can pick up a copy of the expansion in retail outlets when it arrives at some unspecified time this week.

The expansion allows your virtual representation (be honest, you modeled him/her after yourself, right?) to collect treasures, learn new skills and travel to France, China and Egypt, where we assume they'll attempt to WooHoo everyone there as well. You should really talk to your Sim about getting that under control, okay?

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