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Toys R Us expands layaway to include consoles, adds hardware to trade-in program


Toys R Us announced today that its "Big Gift" layaway program will now include video game hardware. TRU CEO Jerry Storch states that it was the "number one" request from customers. For those who don't know what layaway is: it's the practice of a company holding onto a "purchased" product until the customer has paid for the item in full. For the TRU program, customers must deposit 20% of the console's total purchase, including tax, and a "$10 service charge." Payments can be made at the store in cash, check, credit card ... wait, what? If someone has a credit card, then -- nevermind. Payment must be made in full before December 6. There will also be a fee for canceled orders and the program is not available in Maryland.

The retailer is also expanding its video game trade-in program, which began in September, to include video game hardware. The program begins this Friday, November 20, and works almost the same way as the software trade-in: customers go to the "guest service desk," their items are scanned, an offer is made and they receive a gift card if all is approved. We've listed all consoles and handhelds available for trade-in after the break.

Hardware eligible for the trade-in program include:

Microsoft – Xbox 360 Core/Arcade, Xbox 360 Premium 20 GB, Xbox 360 Premium 60 GB, Xbox 360 Elite, Xbox 360 Halo Edition and Xbox Original

Sony – PlayStation 3 20 GB, PlayStation 3 40 GB, PlayStation 3 60 GB, PlayStation 3 80 GB, PlayStation 3 160 GB, PlayStation 3 Slim 120 GB, PlayStation 2 Original, PlayStation 2 Slim, PlayStation 1, PlayStation Portable Original, Slim and Go

Nintendo – Wii, DSi, DS Lite, DS, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Advance, Game Cube and Nintendo 64

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