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Unlock skins with Aliens vs. Predator pre-order at GameStop


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Aliens vs. Predator is kind of a misleading title. Aside from the titular extra-terrestrials, mankind's future badasses, the Colonial Marines, will also be able to get some in Rebellion's upcoming FPS romp. And for some of your pre-sale cash at GameStop, you'll be able to use one of the more badasserer (we're still working on that one) humans around: Sgt. Kaneko. This dude "wrote the book on small-scale Xeno containment," which is great because we hear there's a lot of Xeno in the game that needs, uh, containing.

Joining Kaneko are Number Six -- the blue thing on the left that looks like it's from The Darkness -- and Alien Head Predator, the "most successful Xenomorph Hunter of all time." That's how he she it got that neat Cylon mask! Both are very adept at being super scary-looking and can be yours if you pre-order at GameStop. Unless you live in Germany, in which case you get nothing.

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