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Apple bulking up in-house iPhone, iPod game development


Mac Rumors has discovered an Apple job listing which appears to reveal that the company is looking to expand internal iPhone and iPod game development. Apple is looking for a "Game/Media Software Engineer" to be part of a team and "work on interactive multimedia experiences on the iPhone and iPod Touch." The listing further asks that potential applicants be "passionate" gamers.

It's no secret that the iPhone and iPod have become home to many, many games over the last two years; Apple has been pushing the iPod Touch as a gaming device for some time. Both independent developers and publishers have put support behind them, including id Software and Electronic Arts. Recently, DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole even predicted that the iPhone and iPod will be responsible for driving growth in the portable gaming industry over the coming years. With Apple openly looking for gaming positions, it would seem the folks in Cupertino agree.

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