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Breakfast Topic: What falls away

Matthew Rossi

My wife was watching the Cataclysm trailer last night on our TV (we've discovered the magical ability to stream video directly, it's all fantastic and magical and don't stare at me like that I know you all already knew how to do it) and turned to me with that particular look that means "I'm frustrated with something that you have no control over at all but you're the only one in the room" which, to be fair is a look I get as well from time to time.

Her brow furrowed as the list of upcoming features for Cataclysm scrolled by.Finally, she exhorted me to discover just what had happened to customizable dances. She also forced me to do an imitation of the voice over from the trailer if it were the only way anyone could talk. "I need to go raid the bathroom of unremembered eternity " I said in my best Chris Metzen as I considered her question. What did happen to customizable dances?

Or Stormwind Vault, for that matter? It's been in the game files since the game launched, but we've never heard a peep out of the place. It looks likely we'll get to raid Tol'Barad before we set foot inside the Vault. So now I'll ask you, what didn't make it into the game that still leaves you wondering, why?

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