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Hasselblad intros 50 megapixel H3DII-50 MS with multishot


We know that some of you were holding off on last year's Hasselblad H3DII-50 camera. "Why spend upwards of thirty grand," you asked yourself as you patted your briefcase full of Euros, "if I'm going to be taking shots one at a time, like a sucker?" Then you lit another cigar with a $1,000 bill. But those days are behind you, dear reader, because the company has updated its medium format camera for multi-shot action. The new system can capture four consecutive shots by moving the sensor by one pixel between each shot, thereby recording full RGB values at each position. If you're not a current Hasselblad owner (and you're not) you can't take advantage of the trade-in / trade-up process, but you can shell out €23,000 (roughly $34,000) for the H3DII-50 MS. Hit up that read link for much more info.

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