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One Boss Leaves: Loken shockwaves Gal'darah


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in's series of fantasy death matches. This season's combatants come from the original five-man instances of Wrath of the Lich King.

Returning underdog Loken showed why he was among the fighters readers voted back into the season, downing Gal'darah this week in the Two Bosses Thunderdome. Fifty-eight percent of the vote went to the Dark Titan from the Halls of Lightning. Gal'darah brought in some positive comments but ultimately lacked the votes to carry him through.

Elovan: Gal'darah could easily shift to rhino form and simply Impale Loken anytime he tries to use his novas. That plus his insane whirlwind could take down Loken pretty easily imho

catharsis80: Don't forget Enrage, enabling him to attack 125% faster than Loken does, and considering the article says they have "comparative overall damage output"... Yeah, I think the results are quite obvious, since Gal can interrupt and Loken can't. PLUS, Pulsing Shockwave will do practically nothing to Gal, since he'll be all over Loken like white on rice.

Nolls74: This, plus Gal has his rhino buddies who will charge Loken and knock him around like a rag doll. All of you picking Loken have no sense of style and are only judging it based on "Loken sucks for players; he must be the ultimate boss."

Vodkamartini: Based on fight mechanics ...

Gal'darah calls up his homies in Gundrak. After the traditional troll greetings of much smoking, communicating with the animal spirits, the munchies and laughing at some foolish troll getting mauled in the arena, Gal'darah trots out his rhinos. "Yo brah, check it out ... New tesla coil system on my rhinos. Slaves installed it dis morning," the high priest beams.

"Sweet horn ornament. Is dat real Vrykul leather onda ivory?" asks Slad'ran.

"It's Titan! Da best vrykul leather you can git! Wasn' too hard. Jus' get in da face, work fast, falls right to yoo."

Based on lore and geek fandom ...

Loken sits on his electric heated throne, reading the latest praises from He yawns, scratches his nose and barely considers his latest conquest or who his next opponent will be, knowing a drooling mob will carry him far.

Who rocks Wrath's five-man world? Come back this afternoon to cheer on your favorite inside the Two Bosses Thunderdome, during the next round of Two Bosses Enter, One Boss Leaves: The Original Wrath Five-Man Season. Review the current fighting bracket and consider who you think will come out on top.

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