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Sony finally launches PS2 in Brazil (or, welcome to 2000!)


We don't live in Brazil, but from what we hear, it's not one of the most gamer-friendly places out there. Piracy runs rampant and whenever any kind of controversial game releases, citizens usually find their government won't let 'em play it. But, hey, things are kinda looking up!

Reader Renato wrote in to us saying the PS2 has finally officially released in Brazil and that consumers can get it from the Sony Style store now ... for the low, low price of 799 BRL (about 461 USD). That's right, Brazilians no longer need secure safe passage for emigrating consoles or pay ridiculous sums of money to third-party distributors and can instead pay ridiculous sums of money directly to Sony for a locally-supported PS2! Isn't that awesome?

[Thanks, Renato]
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