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The challenges and rewards of espionage in EVE Online

James Egan

Goonswarm spymaster The Mittani took a different approach with his latest EVE Online column at Ten Ton Hammer, and conducted an interview with a corporate saboteur titled "The Most Dangerous Agent". While it should be stated that most players in EVE do not engage in espionage, it's a career path of sorts that any player could potentially engage in, provided they have the combination of intelligence, social skills, and dedication needed to succeed. It's that aspect of dedication which often goes unmentioned -- the challenge of maintaining long-term duplicity.

The Mittani's interview with a player anonymously referred to as "Darwin's Accelerator" explains how a player with destructive aims greater than simply engaging a few enemy ships at a time can use intel to devastating effect, wiping out entire fleets. Maintaining a persona that fits in with the target organization and thus won't arouse suspicion, however, can be difficult if the infiltrator genuinely dislikes the members that comprise the corporation or alliance.

As Darwin's Accelerator tells The Mittani, "Maintaining a suspicion-free persona amongst people you may not necessarily enjoy spending time amongst can be tedious and emotionally exhausting. The constant poseur pressure gets old sometimes but thus far, I have largely been able to mute my mic when I have to start screaming."

Darwin's Accelerator recounts his (or her) past experiences with undermining the efforts of various target alliances in the interview, from decisive victories to covers nearly blown. "The Most Dangerous Agent" is a good read, even if this isn't remotely near your own play style. No doubt some readers may find it a bit controversial, but corporate espionage is an aspect of conflict in New Eden and is in many respects a testament to what players can do in a sandbox MMO.

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