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Around Azeroth: Float on


Neophyte warrior Meryl of Aman'Thul has a story to tell. While waiting for a three-hour tour from Booty Bay to Ratchet, Meryl glitched out, force-quit the game, and ended up in a no man's land underneath Arathi Highlands. "Arathi!? How bizarre!" she writes "But it doesn't end there. So I resurrect just outside Hammerfall, fearful for my life at the hand of its fearsome guards ... and find that there aren't any. The only mobs around are ... wait ... are those Savannah Prowlers? Why is the game telling me I've discovered Ratchet? Why did that lion fall from the heavens?" In this particular picture, Meryl is about to be crushed by a falling Barrens meteorite, transplanted from across the sea by the magic of glitchery.

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