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Intel's Cedarview Atom chip rumored to go 32nm in 2011

Darren Murph

We know you aren't publicly keeping count, but considering that you're carefully watching process technology numbers in the depths of your mom's basement, we felt it prudent to pass along the latest juicy nugget from the folks at Fudzilla. According to raisins in their grapevine, Intel is gunning for a 32nm Atom chip in 2011, with the codename of the CPU being Cedarview and the name of the platform being Cedar Trail. If you'll recall, we recently heard that Pineview was expected to be formally unveiled in a slew of machines come January, but we're already anxious for Cedarview's DDR3 support and fresh, sun-ripened scent. Oh, and support for Blu-ray playback, too.

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