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Klausner takes aim at RIM, Motorola over visual voicemail patents


It's been quite a few months since we've heard anything from Klausner Technologies, but it looks like the company has finally decided on its next set of targets that are allegedly infringing on its now infamous visual voicemail patents. As announced in a pair of expectedly terse press releases, Klausner says that both RIM and Motorola have now crossed into lawsuit territory with the Blackberry Bold 9700 and Motorola CLIQ, although it isn't specifying what sort of result it's looking for, or exactly how the two devices are infringing on its patents (at least some other RIM and Motorola devices are apparently covered under licenses granted to mobile operators). If the company's past track record with Apple, Verizon, LG, and Google is any indication, however, we wouldn't bet against a settlement.

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