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Sega picks America's next top Bayonetta model in Maxim competition

Justin McElroy

Sega and have selected a winner in their search for a model that best captures the lead character from forthcoming action title Bayonetta. The young lady, Andrea Bonaccorso, walks away (slowly, considering she has guns for shoes) with an Xbox 360, a copy of the game and a 50-inch Panasonic TC-P50X1 HDTV Plasma TV. She'll also appear on, in a sensible, dignified outfit, we're sure.

So how did she qualify for such an honor? This is really what it says in the press release: "While some entrants perfectly mirrored the outfit of the character and others simply donned librarian glasses, Andrea married both elements to come out on top."

So, there you have it. We're rewarding this girl for wearing both clothes and glasses.

Meanwhile, Joystiq and selected a loser in Sega and's Bayonetta Model Search and it's all of us.

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