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The Daily Grind: How do you juggle multiple games?

Eliot Lefebvre

So you're jumping back into playing your favorite character on, say, Champions Online, and you press the button that you're pretty sure is bound to your energy-building power. It's only a minute later as you stare at an empty gauge and watch your health slowly disintegrate that you realize you hit the button bound to your opening skill in Guild Wars, because you've been playing that more lately. So then you mentally adjust to the keybindings that are, you soon recall, for your Fighter/Monk in Dungeons and Dragons Online... and then you remember what you had bound on Champions Online, but it doesn't matter because you've died.

Everyone has done it. (Probably.) If you're reading Massively, you very likely have more than one game that you play on a regular basis. That means there's always the issue of remembering different keybindings, abilities, playstyles, et cetera. And all this doesn't even mention the problem of varied amounts of playtime. So, how do you juggle multiple games? Do you allot certain times to certain games, do you follow your interest at any given moment, or is it all more or less random? If you've tried multiple methods, what's worked the best for you?

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