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Breakfast Topic: Catching the perfect Warcraft wave


If you've been around the World of Warcraft community for any length of time you've probably found and participated in some of the myriad of different game related communities. If you go to the blog search page and search for Warcraft you'll see over 8 million related entries. There are also tons of additional podcasts on iTunes other such services. And then there are the forums. Besides the official forums, you have other sites that have created forums. There are forums like MMO Champion, WoW Raid, Elitist Jerks to just name a few. We haven't even touched the Facebook fan sites or Twitter #wow or #warcraft discussions.

But yet, now we have another way to talk about our favorite game. Google has a new collaboration tool out for use (by invitation only at the moment), Google Wave. Right now it's still in Alpha and is full of bugs and performance issues, but it's a tool that seems to have a lot of possibilities. For example, if you search for waves by using "with:public Warcraft" you get a number of public waves ranging from general WoW discussions to server or class specific debates.

Personally, I've seen it used for Instant Messaging about patch 3.3, collaborating on documents, and even being used by people to play a role playing game. Basically, it seems like a tool that has a ton of potential. (Please understand that none of us here at have any wave invitations to hand out.)

So here's what I'm wondering. What communities do you participate in? Do you participate in the WoW related Twitter, Facebook, blog or podcast community? Which ones? How about Wave? Are you using Google Wave to talk about Warcraft?

We'd love to know what communities you're using and think people need to use also. So grab a cup a coffee and let's talk about it.

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