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Fight Night: Round 4 gets new fighters, modes, major update Dec. 3


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Pugilists looking to beef up their stable of brawlers in Fight Night Round 4 will be able to do just that when EA offers up three new fighters in a DLC pack for 360 and PS3 on December 3. For the price of 160 ($2) and $1.99, respectively, you'll be able to add boxing greats Evander Holyfield, Sonny Liston and Bernard Hopkins to your virtual lineup of potential pulverizers. In addition to the new DLC, EA will also bring in the cut man to fix a few issues fighters are having with the game -- you can find the full list of fixes after the break -- and will add Old School Rules and Ring Rivalry mode. Here's the fight card:

Full bundle (Xbox 360/PS3) - 800 ($10) / $9.99
  • Evander Holyfield, Sonny Liston and Bernard Hopkins
  • Ring Rivalry game mode (allows players to choose from over 20 different match options recreating boxing's most famous matchups)
  • Old School Rules game mode (simulates the common rules of boxing prior to the establishment of the Marquis of Queensbury Rules)
Three new boxers (Holyfield, Liston and Hopkins) -- 160 ($2) / $1.99 each

Old School Rules mode -- 320 ($4) / $3.99

Ring Rivalry mode -- 160 ($2) / $1.99

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Game Play Updates

  • Adjusted the locomotion speed at close proximity so that your opponent can no longer trap you with glued feet
  • Increased the stamina cost when continually punching
  • Increased stamina loss when continually weaving
  • Increased stamina loss for users that spam upper body movement
  • Can no longer perform a perfect block when spamming the block
  • Increased the stamina cost when continually running away from your opponent
  • No illegal blows can be thrown by either user when one user is in a stun state
  • Increased stamina cost of Haymakers
  • Tuned punch accuracy when opponents are moving their head
  • Reduced locomotion speed when throwing punch combos
Create Player Updates
  • Allow users to duplicate and edit ratings of licensed boxers
Online World Championship Updates
  • Improved cheat detection logic
General Updates
  • Various Bug fixes

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