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If Namco releases more Tekken 6 DLC, it will be free


Producer Katsuhiro Harada commented to that more Tekken 6 content is likely to be on the way via DLC, adding to the retailer-exclusive Cardboard Tube Samurai outfit. But we can't groan about Namco Bandai using DLC for the popular fighter as a cash machine, because the company doesn't intend to charge for it. Harada said there was a "strong possibility" of additional downloadable content for the game -- possibly for the PSP version as well, since he didn't specify. "However, even if we were to do so, it would be free to the end user."

Of course, this is the same company that released paid Star Wars DLC for Soul Calibur IV after the director said there wouldn't be. So don't go empty out your Tekken 6 DLC fund just yet.

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