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Nightwing leaps into DC Universe Online

Kyle Horner

Sony Online Entertainment's newest character reveal for DC Universe Online happens to be the ex-boy wonder himself, Nightwing. No longer the young man fighting at the dark knight's side, Dick Grayson is capable of some incredible feats of athleticism, some even more impressive than Batman's repertoire. He's also known to fight alongside the Teen Titans, and it's nice to see them standing with him in these new screens. All-in-all there are nine screens for you to check out.

There's a long list of heroes and villains from the DC universe to reveal, giving us cause to question whether we'll ever see an end to these announcements. It's not that we're uninterested in seeing the in-game counterparts of these classic characters -- we're simply ready to see more of the actual game itself. Chris Cao did recently answer some fan questions, which was a great start. Here's hoping 2010 plays host to all sorts of awesome DC Universe Online information.

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